1.26.18 update: Zeke has been adopted.

Zeke is a very sweet and social little guy. He weighs in at about 45 pounds. His date of birth was 4/1/2016. Zeke and his housemate, Xena, were surrendered to us when some major life changes made it impossible for their former owner to care for them as she wanted to. We assured her that we would make every effort to keep them together and will give preferences to those applications that are interested in adopting the pair.

He is in good health with the exception of his skin and hair coat. They are not terrible and most likely diet related allergies, but will take time and care to improve.

He is on a non-grain kibble and wet food plus high quality vitamins. Zeke has been reactive to other dogs in the past but that could be his protectiveness of Xena. He is not a fan of small children. Fine with teens and up.