FAQs – How does the Adoption Process Work?

If you see a dog(s) that you’re interested in, the first step is to complete the adoption application found on our site, www.BulldogsAndBuddies.com/Adoption. This information will give us a snapshot of your lifestyle and family dynamics.

When filling out the application, be honest, and complete all sections. When the reference section asks for email addresses, this does not mean phone numbers. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Due to the high volume of applications received, individual acknowledgments are not possible.

If after application review, the Rescue feels you and your family would be a good fit, you will be contacted to schedule a time to meet the dog. Receipt of application does not guarantee placement.

Applications are kept on file for three months. If, after the time, you have not been contacted and are still interesting in adopting, you must complete a new application.

What are the adoption fees?
Adoption fees vary based on the breed, age, condition and expenses incurred in order to rehabilitate, transport, and board. Typically fees range from $525 – 1200. This rescue spares no expense on giving these dogs every opportunity for a second chance at a happy, healthy life: from expensive, complicated surgeries to compound prescriptions and food and individualized schedules. The transport fee alone to bring one dog to Vermont is between $175 – $200. Spays, neuters, vaccinations, heartworm testing, deworming, which is performed prior to transport for each dog, can total upwards of $500. Individualized daily care for each dog totals between $12 and $24/day depending on medications and special requirements and needs.

What is the staff paid at the rescue?
VEBR has zero paid staff. All those who are associated with the rescue (walkers, fosters, caregivers) give of their own time and energy. All adoption fees and donations are tax-deductible and are used exclusively for rescue work.

Where do the dogs come from?
The majority of the dogs are from southern United States, kill shelters picked us as strays or surrendered by their owners. Some are transferred from other rescues or local owner surrenders.

How long are the dogs kept at the rescue?
The dogs are kept at the rescue until a proper home can be identified. We have kept dogs for as long as 19 months. Adoptions are never rushed. Dogs are only placed when an appropriate person or family has been identified.

What will I receive when I adopt?
All adoptions receive a file with information specific to the dog being adopted including forms from previous shelters, veterinarians, clinic visits, prescriptions, any notes from fosters, or previous owners. Pet Food Warehouse supplies all new pet parents with a voucher for one free four-pound bag of dog food of your choice, a free engraved identification tag, and coupons valid for a discount of 25% on supplies.

All dogs will be spayed or neutered, up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, heartworm tested (we will not adopt a heartworm positive dog), free of ticks and fleas,

“I’ve decided to adopt and my application has been approved, now what?”
You will set up a date and time to meet the dog of your choice, complete the paperwork, pay the adoption fee, and bring home your new dog! If your application has been approved, you are welcome to visit the dogs in our care with an appointment. If you have decided upon one dog but changed your mind after meeting another, adoption is still possible.

If your application has been approved and you come to meet a dog or dog(s) and change your mind, your application will be kept on file for a term of 90 days. If, during that time, you adopt from another rescue or make other arrangements, please inform us so that your application status can be updated.

Prior to the first-time visit, you will receive a copy of the contract, which outlines all specifics of the adoption. This should be reviewed prior to the visit so that any concerns, questions may be addressed.

With any dog (from rescue or breeder), there are no guarantees. Many of these dogs have never lived in a home or with people who care for them. You will most likely see behaviors that we have not. We will disclose all information and observations we have been given from the veterinarians and fosters in which have cared for these dogs in addition to the time the dog was in our care and interactions with us and volunteers.

Our primary goal is to adopt dogs into loving, safe homes. If an application does not meet the specific needs of a dog, it will be rejected. If an application is incomplete or missing information (email references, permission given to veterinarian clinic to release information), the application will be rejected. This is at the discretion of the Rescue. The Rescue may approve an application and advise regarding certain dogs (possibly not the dog the applicant was originally interested in).

Can I bring my dog(s) to meet the dog I want to adopt?
Although this first meeting is not a long-term indicator of how the dynamic may be between the resident dog and rescue dog, we will allow you to bring your dog to meet prior to adoption. Not all first meetings go well, so please have a realistic plan in case this happens. We are happy to recommend a local dog trainer.