1.27.18 update: Xena has been adopted.

Xena’s a very sweet and social little girl. She weighs in at about 42 pounds. Her date of birth was 10/17/2016. Xena and her housemate, Zeke, were surrendered to us when some major life changes made it impossible for their former owner to care for them as she wanted to. We assured her that we would make every effort to keep them together and as such will give preference to applications willing to adopt the pair.

Xena is in heat and since they were together, we will keep her until we can confirm that she is not pregnant before making an appointment for her spay. She has been to our vet and had a full exam. She had a large volume of crystals in her urine and as such is on a special diet to reduce that.

She is in great health and has beautiful skin and hair coat. Xena is very good with everyone.