Welcome back

We do not have dogs returned very often, thankfully. However when that need arises, we are waiting with open arms. Sadly the couple who adopted the two brindle Bassets have been facing some serious health issues that cause them to be unable to properly care for these two. Elaine was kind enough to send me an email letting me know that they are heartbroken. She went on to say that these two pups are nothing but a sheer pleasure to have around. However the situation was not fair to the pups.

I put out a flight request as soon as she contacted me, and within a very short time, Scott jumped in and offered his time, plane and help. The day was beautifully clear, extremely cold with blue skies and fluffy clouds. Scott flew to Bangor Maine and then back to Burlington, VT with his co pilot Tom and Myrtle and Alfie. Although a bit confused, they are settled in any taking this move in stride. We will begin taking application for them as a pair. They are pretty bonded and we do not feel that separating them would be fair.

Thanks Scott and Tom for getting these pups back so quickly. We appreciate it. To add to this trip, it was Scotts first Pilots N Paws flight.