Jada’s Christmas Gift

We are all drawn more deeply to certain dogs than others. We love them all and give them the same level of care and attention. However some dogs just “get” us or we them. I have found that terriers bring out the silly, playful, ridiculous side of me that few see and frankly I rarely feel.

Life has a way of weighting those frivolous and spontaneous emotions under layers of….life. Terriers see right through the garbage heap and get to play time. When I first saw Jada’s face, fuzzy and old-man-like on the euthanasia list, there was not a moment’s hesitation. I was drawn to her.

She looked like she and had seen more of life than was her share and yet the light shown through. When she arrived at 4:00 in the morning after a three-day transport, she was confused, thin and baffled. In spite of that she leaned into us for comfort, gave us a tussle in order to put a winter coat on and the moment we reached for the belly strap, she rolled to the floor wanting a belly rub. She loves people and soaks up every moment of attention.

Jada and I took many walks in the middle of the night as she found a bathroom schedule. She seemed to enjoy the snow and the quiet and just being out there with me. I fell in love with this girl. And so today was Jada’s adoption day. I know that Carole and Doug will love her as deeply if not more so as they are able to give her a home.

As she walked to the car then came back toward me several times, my wall crumbled. I knew that I was giving her the best Christmas gift. She was saying that this was enough. I had to say no, you deserve more. I will miss her. The gift that she gave us is to show that Giant Terriers as as much fun and tiny Terriers. We will search them out and enjoy every one. Good luck to the three of you. Take care of this special girl.