Gus is a rockstar!

Wow! Little Gus’ story has reached Utah and over 5,000 people have seen his video! Amazing! Gus has faced some major health issues since his surrender including two surgeries to correct a urethral prolapse. He was neutered, underwent soft pallet resection as well as nasal nares and saccual removal and a full dental. Those are all resolved. Gus is fully vaccinated.It was discovered during pre surgery x-rays that Gus has a condition called Megaesophagus, whereby the esophagus does not move food through to the stomach efficiently, thus the Bailey Chair story – enter Corey and Home Depot.
Gus’ medical bills are in the thousands. We are a small 501c 3/non-profit giving these dogs the best medical, food, supplements and care. If Gus’ story has touched you, please considering donating to his care. Even $5.00 helps. Click the Donate button on our website, All donations are tax deductible. Thank you from all of us, especially sweet Gus.