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Vermont English Bulldog Wine!

We are now collaborating with Benefit Wines to produce wonderful VEBR blends!

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer with a nice Chardonnay, Cabernet or 4 other favorites! Pick one bottle or a package to enjoy or gift to someone else. Help us continue to provide care and comfort for so many English Bulldogs. 

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They come from far and wide!

You may not know but we rescue from locations all over the country! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Meet Our Friends With And Without Fur

We have had many English Bulldogs come to us from all over the country, we are very grateful to Pilots-N-Paws ( for helping immensely to transport so many to us! To see past and present friends who have been to our rescue visit our Gallery page or click on one of the photos below, we also have Bulldogs available for adoption here on our Adoption page.

The Truth About Pet Store Puppies

We receive a lot of questions concerning pet store puppies and how these animals have come to find themselves "behind the glass". Read More Here ...

Rescue Work - Labor of Love

If I have learned anything doing this rescue work it is that the resiliency of dogs is beyond comparrison. How can a dog like Arrow, left to die in the baking sun by the very people that he most likely saw as his family, ever be a whole and happy dog? See the video posted today. How can little Arizona, still a puppy, be pulled from the stench and filth of a hoarder and ever show a moment of trust or love? See photos below. Then there is Petey locked in a horse barn and labeled as a vicious dog who sleeps on my bed, or Butter and Lu locked in cages of horror and filth for their entire lives, as they were force bred and then watched as their babies were taken away, way too soon.......How? We moan about our Latte not being quite right or someone cutting in front of us at an intersection or in the case of my foster son....having to go to summer camp! I know some folks will say, no comparison, dogs do not feel or remember. I would love to know that they do not remember, but I do not believe that to be true. The fear in little Lu's eyes every day for 17 months, says otherwise. I do what I do out of absolute and pure love. It is in my DNA and there is no escaping that. I am able to continue doing it because I can see and horror and the fear and then replace it, (even for an instant), with love and safety. If every moment is that same repetitive dance, I will do it every day for the remainder of my life and feel glad for it. I pray for a home for Vinny and Arizona and Arrow. They have their quirks but they are such a model of forgiveness and goodness in it's purest. Lastly there is little Lu who was JJ, passed through multiple high kill shelters in Florida, bumped to a new one each time her number came up. Blessings to every person who saved her! Lu was the worst I have seen in 17 years, bald, sick, infected and nearly without hope. Now, two short months later she has had her teeth cleaned and repaired, she has a beautiful shiny coat and has had her mammary tumors removed. She has the unconditional love of a woman who saw her at her worst and loved her anyway. She sleeps with her and walks with her and is loved by her every moment of every day. That is a Cinderella story for the bulldog story books. Every one of us has the capacity to write an ending like that for one of these dogs. It takes selflessness and a willingness to ride out the story to the end even if we can not predict how much that ending will hurt. It will and we will be better for it. The dogs life will have been forever changed by it.